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connect.process(list : argv,str : path)





the very vital point that I didn't notice that need be metioned at first

If you excu an ELF then you will carry identify of the ELF's owner

the main_check func need a file named"\x0a",so we need create such file,while we don't have permission in the.floder

so we need goto tmp floder and use utility ln to create soft-link,which only need link dest-floder writing permission

ln -fs  ~/flag flag
ln -fs  ~/input input

for now on,every step operates on tmp-link ver file

and hold on a min ,le't talk about permission of create a hard-link and soft-link file

if we'd like to create a hard-link ,the sufficient condition is,we have read+write permission on target file,if fs.protected_hardlinks == true and have write & execu permission of destdir.if`fs.protected_hardlinks == 0 no permission needed on target file,even 000 is okay.

what surprise me is execu permission,its purpose is preventing a situation that's similar to this quzz--if hack have access to tmp floder,which normally is gloabally permitted,the hack can execu or open wrong file,due to relative path

for soft-link the requires is lower,only need source-dir have execu and dest-dir have write+execu

for target file ,its permission is no need to care

come back to main topic

after create link we need notice that relative path have a relative vulnerability ,make soft-link to cheat execu with wrong file

secondly,there is a sock programming needed ,considering webbench project ,this time we try use C to pwn rather than pwntool


(under construction..)